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Review of yumbles


Yumbles ran a giveaway on Facebook offering the chance to try  Raspberry Marshmallows. On the site they are £4 for 100g p&p is up to £5.50 but often less and sometimes there is free delivery. Yumbles is a market place so you are buying from in dependant producers of food and drink.

The Raspberry Marshmallows were produced by Belinda Clark. p&p is £2.60 with free delivery if you buy 3 or more packs… mmm well worth it!

The sweets were packaged well and the postage charged reflected what was paid. They would make a lovely little gift for someone I would send these as a little pick me up for someone or even a Mother’s Day treat! I will be looking at others in the range for Father’s Day ideas!

The taste? Oh My Word these were delicious! My husband and two of the boys and myself tested them and they got a HUGE thumbs up. They were light and fluffy sweet but not sickly at all and the raspberry flavour just popped on your tongue. They actually reminded me of an eaton mess flavour creamy, raspberry and a bit of sweetness thrown in. Surfice it to say I will be remembering these and gifting them ASAP.

let me know if you have tried anything from Yumbles and how you found it!


money saving tally

Jan 2014….

Paint x2 for lounge bogof

garden steaks,

before savings £87.92 after savings £55.14

socks £5 used boots points so free!

sainsbury shopping used vouchers £12.17 saving

weekly shop before vouchers/savings £73.65 after £52

pizza hut 50% off voucher saving £26

top up shop £65 after savings £54.88

school pe kit saving of .75p!

Tesco vouchers saving £12.01

Groupon knife set used £10 voucher

sainsbury voucher 98p

free dog food voucher £8.77

vouchers tesco + multisaves £9.38

vouchers tesco £3.20

Aldi £5 off voucher

iceland £5 off voucher

jewellery £5 off voucher

january savings £232.86 approx

Feb 2014

ocado shop £20 voucher £20

£1.19 porridge voucher

shop £20 voucher + £20 savings

tesco shop £19.00 saving

feb savings   £60.90

March 2014

cinema using tesco vouchers saved £33

gluten free vouchers £9

richmond vouchers£3

pizza bogof delivery pizza £9.99

tesco £10 loyalty voucher

I only went and won a pizza!

So big win a pizza! Still waiting for the voucher but excited none the less!

Savings on shopping … I joined Ocado and got £20 off a £60 spend then shopped for half price bargains ended up spending £63 on a shop which should have cost £104! How cool is that!

I complained about a hair in my oat cakes and got a £9 voucher by way of an apology I have also complained to Richmond about their sausage meatballs honestly they are disgusting! We love their sausages and I got two packs at £1 each of these new meatballs, we cant bear to eat the other pack the dog is having them! BLURGH!!! Will let you know the outcome!

So that’s my round up! Cup of tea time me thinks!

lisa xx

why mrsvjsfreestuff?

I started this blog as a kind of journal of my more frugal lifestyle! If I could I would live in a world where our family had a self sustaining lifestyle. We would use wind and sunlight to create energy, we would grow as much of our own food as possible, we would produce very little waste and reuse as much as possible! Trouble is I love fashion and beauty and nice things for my home  and I kind of like to fit in!! I don’t want my children to be in school the ones with the hippy parents and wacky lunches and home-made hand dyed uniform lol! So its a dilemma also I have grown up in a consumer society and its hard to do a ‘u’ turn totally.

Last year I became bankrupt and  also was diagnosed and received treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, in the years leading up to all this I was ready for a change but these things kind of made it possible to stop and re evaluate.

So my aim is to have less waste, use more natural energy sources (today I used my hand whisker instead of my electric one! tone up my arms and no cost lol!) but with my clever husbands help we are trying to find ways to use natural energy, we don’t own our own home so solar panels on our roof isn’t an option. We try to monitor what we use energy wise often turning all the electric off for and hour a day. It reminds us of our quest and should save us some money! We waste very little food on our budget everything counts so this isn’t a big issue for us. We basically look for anyway we can to save money and not waste!

Mrvj is experimenting with making glasses from wine bottles we have one success and we are running low on glasses so hoping he manages to make some more soon! lol

I sew and have made some gorgeous things for the home, out of scraps and charity shop finds. We scan freecycle and try to give as well as receive!

I collect coupons and shop wisely getting bargains and freebies where I can!

AND I cant forget my new love comping! I hope to win items I need instead of buying… as you can see from my comping posts we cant live off my new hobby lol but every little helps!

So in summary I want less waste, less reliance on the world resources and more on nature, to spend less and still live comfortably taking part in the world as it is now! SIMPLES 😉

Ok got to dash my unicorn needs a walk! 😉


My first competition win!

Horray its here! My Wildfox top from  it is lovely and I am wearing it as i type! Ok I won it in a facebook comp and it has arrived package in the usual plastic mail bag but inside it is wrapped in white branded tissue! EEEEEKKKKKK really who doesn’t get excited by tissue paper, not cheap stuff, gorgeous thick lovely tissue which I will reuse gladly!   this is the link to my top as you can see it should have cost £70 I have NEVER spent £70 on a top! But I have to say the fabric is gorgeously soft and drapey and relaxed but not out of shape (unlike me!) It is and oversized top with fabulously long sleeves… I LOVE I have loooong arms and sleeves are always just a shade short not these! yipppeee The print is cute and solid… I have teamed it with a pair of black jeggins and underneath I have layered it with a black silky tunic and I have kept jewellery to my Pandora bracelet and my usual rings, a pair of diamonte studs and a simple chain. It already has the bold print right across the front so didnt need a statement piece! I feel relaxed and comfortable yet stylish 🙂wildfox_nyc_for_lovers_4_new  All contact with the company to organise delivery was polite and efficient so I am sure the experience would be the same if you were to purchase from them. All in all a good experience which will find me browsing their shop again.

Comping update

I have entered hundreds and hundreds of competitions and give-a ways… my Jumper I won hasn’t arrived yet but as soon as it does I will review it and upload a pic 🙂 The postman is probably quite scared by my enthusiasm to see him hoping for a win to arrive! I note on forums people say they dont always know they won it just arrives… I am soooo ready for that! lol

Obviously its not the winning but the taking part … yeah whatever!

Today’s post brought an envelope with a £5 love to shop voucher for signing up to something i think! I really should write down what I have entered for because I have the worst memory but hey its £5 not to be sniffed at!

So been frantically comping and searching for vouchers and free stuff since 2nd week in January  and I have won a jumper and got a skin care set and love to shop voucher and saved us approx £300 on shopping using offers and vouchers ahhhh I LOVE 😉