money saving tally

Jan 2014….

Paint x2 for lounge bogof

garden steaks,

before savings £87.92 after savings £55.14

socks £5 used boots points so free!

sainsbury shopping used vouchers £12.17 saving

weekly shop before vouchers/savings £73.65 after £52

pizza hut 50% off voucher saving £26

top up shop £65 after savings £54.88

school pe kit saving of .75p!

Tesco vouchers saving £12.01

Groupon knife set used £10 voucher

sainsbury voucher 98p

free dog food voucher £8.77

vouchers tesco + multisaves £9.38

vouchers tesco £3.20

Aldi £5 off voucher

iceland £5 off voucher

jewellery £5 off voucher

january savings £232.86 approx

Feb 2014

ocado shop £20 voucher £20

£1.19 porridge voucher

shop £20 voucher + £20 savings

tesco shop £19.00 saving

feb savings   £60.90

March 2014

cinema using tesco vouchers saved £33

gluten free vouchers £9

richmond vouchers£3

pizza bogof delivery pizza £9.99

tesco £10 loyalty voucher


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