why mrsvjsfreestuff?

I started this blog as a kind of journal of my more frugal lifestyle! If I could I would live in a world where our family had a self sustaining lifestyle. We would use wind and sunlight to create energy, we would grow as much of our own food as possible, we would produce very little waste and reuse as much as possible! Trouble is I love fashion and beauty and nice things for my home  and I kind of like to fit in!! I don’t want my children to be in school the ones with the hippy parents and wacky lunches and home-made hand dyed uniform lol! So its a dilemma also I have grown up in a consumer society and its hard to do a ‘u’ turn totally.

Last year I became bankrupt and  also was diagnosed and received treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, in the years leading up to all this I was ready for a change but these things kind of made it possible to stop and re evaluate.

So my aim is to have less waste, use more natural energy sources (today I used my hand whisker instead of my electric one! tone up my arms and no cost lol!) but with my clever husbands help we are trying to find ways to use natural energy, we don’t own our own home so solar panels on our roof isn’t an option. We try to monitor what we use energy wise often turning all the electric off for and hour a day. It reminds us of our quest and should save us some money! We waste very little food on our budget everything counts so this isn’t a big issue for us. We basically look for anyway we can to save money and not waste!

Mrvj is experimenting with making glasses from wine bottles we have one success and we are running low on glasses so hoping he manages to make some more soon! lol

I sew and have made some gorgeous things for the home, out of scraps and charity shop finds. We scan freecycle and try to give as well as receive!

I collect coupons and shop wisely getting bargains and freebies where I can!

AND I cant forget my new love comping! I hope to win items I need instead of buying… as you can see from my comping posts we cant live off my new hobby lol but every little helps!

So in summary I want less waste, less reliance on the world resources and more on nature, to spend less and still live comfortably taking part in the world as it is now! SIMPLES 😉

Ok got to dash my unicorn needs a walk! 😉



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