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Allotment news and other stuff!

potatoes We have been busy on the plot! This is our first lot of potatoes in; our earlies! I love growing our own food. The rest of the plot needs a lot of digging over we have our main crop of potatoes to put in and a carrot/marigold bed. Not sure what else we will grow this year. Its our first year here so we need to find our way a bit there are trees there but not sure what they produce also see we have raspberries. I want to grow salad stuff but we will probably do that at home in our Aquaponics set up! Its all very exciting 🙂

Competition wise I have been busy ‘comping’ but not winning anything much 😦 I will keep going with it as it is a buzz and if I don’t feel like doing it I don’t so its a cool free hobby! For me better than playing the games on my phone just because its still a switch off but there is a chance of a prize 🙂

Money saving wise I keep going looking for bargains etc and of course growing our own food will save us in the end! My focus at the moment as well as bargain hunting is to reduce our waste. We seem to create a lot of rubbish even though we recycle well it still seems a ridiculous amount! I am not sure how to tackle this as the food we buy is so heavily packaged but I am going to look into it.

Been busy with planning my new business Girly Shopping, testing reactions to products it seems good so hopefully the new website will be up and running soon and I will be on my way. I did a school fair on Saturday and my items both handmade and bought in were well received. So watch this space.

Ok so cracking on with growing our own food, still comping, looking for more ways to save on our energy usage and looking at ways to reduce the rubbish that comes into the house …

Feel free to share your tips with me I am clueless so happy for advice 🙂